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Looking for a communications professional to join your staff or take on a contract assignment? We would be happy to announce your position or project to our members -- at no cost to you.

Our membership includes communications specialists across the spectrum of scientific and technological disciplines -- with experience in journalistic and promotional media -- for news, educational, marketing, or public relations projects.

Job listings are emailed to members on a regular basis.(These listings are available solely to subscribing NCSWA members.)

For the fastest, easiest way to reach a select pool of candidates, send email to listing the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. A detailed description of the job or position
  3. Contact information for those who are interested in the position.

How members can sign up for Jobline emails

If you are a member of NCSWA and would like to subscribe to the Jobline, please sign up by logging in and clicking on the View Profile button, then Edit Profile, and finally, scroll down and check the jobline box. Or, send a request to

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